~ 2 Hours, Starting at $395




See the Puget Sound and then sail along the Seattle skyline by day or early evening. Seattle looks amazing from the view on your private yacht. Watch the ferries coming and going and feel the Seattle breeze as you take in our beautiful city. 



  • ~ 2 hour sail on the 419 Jeanneau across the city skyline 
  • Optional Wine, Port or Champagne Package
  • Optional Northwest sourced picnic 
  • Additional amenities available on request

~6 hours - Starting at $895

blake island getaway


Blake island getaway - Starting at $895

Welcome to a little known treasure of the Puget Sound. This little island is only available by boat and so is off the beaten path and uniquely charming. Come see this marine state park and go on your own picnic. We will provide the food served up from our own local organic farms, together with beer, local wine or cold beverages. This is your all day affair. Perfect when you need a real getaway. 



  • A 6 hour sail to Blake Island 
  • Includes Wine or Beer Selection
  • Optional Local Organic Picnic
  • Up to 6 people

~ 3 hours - starting at $1495



AN EVENING TO REMEMBER - starting at $1495

Our private chef evening cruise starts with a gorgeous sail along the Seattle skyline. We then start with our afternoon of French Champagne and appetizers including caviar. As you relax and sail you can listen to your pre-selected music or learn about this amazing area from your captain. We will sail into a private cove and there your private chef will prepare your meal that has been created based on your selections just for you! 



  • Your own private chef 
  • French champagne and caviar (substitutes available) 
  • Optional Wine Pairing Package 
  • Each additional person (after 2) is $100     

~ 2 hours - starting at $465

Sunset sail

Jeanneaun-Sun-Odyssey-519-E3 copy.jpg

SUNSET SAIL - starting at $465

Our most romantic is our evening sail as the sun sets! We provide a complimentary serving of local wine or beer. We are able to add on a wine pairing with 6-7 local wines and custom appetizers or a full dinner from our chef if desired. If you are interested in adding this in we can  discuss pricing when we talk. Plan on about 2 hours on the water. Day sail starts as our basic sail at $395 and evening sail is $465.



  • Complimentary local wine or beer
  • Optional Local Wine Pairing Package 
  • Optional Appetizers Package
  • Optional Private Chef Upgrade
  • Up to 6 guests    

~ 2 hours - starting at $395




Create the memory of a lifetime on the open water with the backdrop of the city. There is little more romantic than sailing with the wind with the special someone you love. 

Our sails start at $395. for 2 but we can accommodate up to 6 guests. You can add on wines and appetizers for your event, including French Champagne. Our chef's customized dinner, from appetizers through dessert is also available upon request. Call and we can design this day or night just for you!



  • 2 Hour Romantic Sail 
  • Optional Local Wine Pairing Package 
  • Optional Appetizers Package
  • Optional Private Chef Upgrade
  • Up to 6 guests    

2-3 hours - starting at $695

northwest wine pairing


northwest wine pairing experience - starting at $695

With our background in wine importing for many years, we will offer you a dazzling line-up of local wines and international wines sourced from some of the best producers. We then have these paired with specialty appetizers from our chef. Experience the best of this regions wines (including some from our own Bainbridge Island). This is a 2-3 hour sail. $695.00 up to 6 guests.



  • 2-3 Hour Sail  
  • A selection of wine from some of the best producers in the northwest and worldwide 
  • Chef Prepared Appetizers
  • Optional Private Chef Full Meal Upgrade
  • Up to 6 guests